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Industrial Hemp


SBb 2.5 and SPE-120 contain the natural symbiotic fungus Beauveria bassiana that can have beneficial effects on Yield, Quality, Resistance to Fungal Diseases, and Resilience to Flooding and Drought in Industrial Hemp Plants.


“I can see a size and color difference between treated and not treated. The treated row looks healthier, bigger flowers, better color.” Edgar Winters, CEO at Winterfox Farms.


Hemp image

Field Trial at Winterfox Farms, Oregon, Summer 2020


In Summer 2020 an industrial hemp field trial was performed at Winterfox Farms, Oregon, where our SBb 2.5 Beauveria product was tested for it’s effects on growth and yields using an autoflowering CBD variety.

Variety: Autoflowering industrial hemp

Planting date: August 2020

Harvest date: October 2020

Growing conditions: 

Treatments: SBb 2.5 ($18/acre) or control.

Product application: Liquid SBb 2.5 was watered in upon transplanting of the seedlings to the soil.


The results were impressive:

  • A biomass increase – treated plants were bigger

  • A yield increase – treated plants had larger flowers

  • Treated plants were darker green

  • Treated plants were healthier                           

SPE-120 is OMRI listed for organic use.


Common Problems of Hemp Plants

  • Powdery mildew
  • Botrytis blight
  • Mosaic (viral)
  • Stem canker (Phytophthora, Pythium)
  • Vascular wilt (Fusarium, Verticillium)
  • Root rot (Soil borne pathogens)
  • Nematode disease (root-knot, lesions, etc.)


We believe based on results from other species, that SPE-120 and SBb 2.5 could help with these problems in addition to the proven effect on yields and plant health.

Beneficial to the plants, the growers, and the environment!