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Biological Seed Treatment

SBb 2.5 and SPE-120 contain the natural symbiotic fungus Beauveria bassiana that lives throughout the plant. The fungus is isolated from plants and grows with your potatoes! It can have beneficial effects on Yield, Quality, Resistance to Fungal Diseases, Resilience to Flooding and Drought, and Toxin Levels

Potato Yield Increase

Reports from Colorado and Ohio of over 20 bags/acre increase

Yield Increase Due to Disease Resistance

In Colorado, the pickouts were reduced from 23% to 2% due to reduced rhizoctonia infections

What it does:

  • Primes the plant’s defense system
  • Physically blocks infections by pathogens
  • Promotes plant growth

The product is applied as an inoculant to potato seeds before planting. The Beauveria forms an integrated network with the potato cells, other beneficial organisms, and the environment. This natural symbiotic partnership elevates the plants natural ability to resist pathogens and seasonal stressors.