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Resistance to the World’s Major Causes of Crop Losses


Researchers and growers have provided compelling evidence in Wheat, Rice, Maize, and Soybean that our Beauveria bassiana products, SPE-120 and SBb 2.5, can bring benefits against some of the major causes of the world’s crop losses.

Wheat Leaf Rust:

Wheat Leaf Rust caused losses of 3.25% globally and is the leading cause of pathogen and pest related wheat losses globally. Field data from Saskatchewan in summer 2020 showed that wheat treated with LPC Natural’s SPE-120 showed no signs of Wheat Rust in the first half of the growing season, whereas Rust was present on untreated plants.

The farmer, from Archerwill, Saskatchewan commented, “I have observed that the SPE-120 treated fields display a near complete resistance to Leaf and Stem Rust during the first half of the growing season. When the Rust did appear, after the wheat had headed out, it was less than half of what could be observed in the untreated fields.” He added, “Overall the SPE-120 seed treatment provides a high degree of protection from Leaf and Stem Rust.”

Fusarium in Maize:

Stalk and Ear Rots caused by Fusarium caused losses of 7.26% of the world’s maize crop.

Data from over twenty farms and over three separate growing seasons showed that treatment of corn seeds with SPE-120 led to dramatic reductions in fumonisin of 77%-99%, a toxin produced by Fusarium. This is the result of a drastic reduction in Fusarium infection after SPE-120 treatment.

Rice Sheath Blight

Sheath Blight is estimated to cause rice crop losses of about 6.78% of world-wide. Work published by Karthiba and coworkers from field trials ( showed that rice seedlings treated with Beauveria bassiana spores (The active ingredient in LPC Natural’s SPE-120 and SBb 2.5 products) led to a reduction in Sheath Blight of between 66% and 69% compared to untreated plants.

“The ability of our products to reduce the impact of one of the world’s major diseases in crop plants would in its own right be a significant step forward” added Nicholas Bianco, Director of Business Development at LPC Naturals. “But reducing the effects of the major diseases in corn, wheat, rice, and soybean is quite staggering. The bonus is that LPC Natural’s SPE-120 and SBb 2.5 products can reduce the impact of many diseases, not just the most economically important ones.“


Resistance to Diseases


Beneficial to the corn plants, the growers, and the environment!